Climate Comment Form

Climate Comment Form

Have you experienced an issue related to climate or diversity that you feel should be addressed? Please use the form below to submit your concerns.

At UIC, diversity is defined as the totality of the ways people are similar and different, including race, ethnicity, class, gender, sexual orientation and identity, disability, national origin and citizenship status, age, language, culture, religion, and economic status, particularly when those similarities and differences are used as a basis for unfair advantage and inequity. 

The College of Nursing Diversity Committee and Dr. Phoenix Matthews, associate dean for equity and inclusion, work together to assess, and foster a climate of diversity and inclusiveness for our students, staff and faculty.  If you know of any climate or diversity related issues that you believe should be addressed by the associate dean and/or the Diversity Committee please complete and submit this online form. 


Thank you for helping to create an open and welcoming community in our college.

Your comments will be sent automatically to Dr. Phoenix Matthews, associate dean for equity and inclusion. Unless you filled in your name, your comments will be received anonymously. Your feedback will be used by the Dr. Matthews and the Diversity Committee to develop strategies that advance diversity, inclusion and equity in the College of Nursing.